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Md Mojibur Rahaman

 A dynamic economy generates the need for compliant managers who are capable of meeting the challenges in today's fast paced and competitive educational environment. To create this, firstly we will have to emphasis that the power of future is the power of mind.  These are the drops of knowledge and when the isolated drops meet, they share the majesty of the ocean to which they belong.


GITANJALI COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, B.ED & D.El.Ed, grooms their students in a manner that they become capable of meeting these challenges. The college has a guiding philosophy to integrate globally with the object of imparting education and dissemination and application of knowledge to create a synergetic Impact.


With this belief we are committed to continuously engage ourselves in a relentless pursuit to improve upon our performance and enhance college's position in the best Teachers Training Institute in India. We think, we must..